Vegan Granola - Goji Coconut 1kg

Vegan | Gluten Free | All Natural | High Protein

A toasty grain-free, vegan Granola combining tangy Goji berries and delicious Coconut flakes with natural seeds and nuts. Goji & coconut vegan granola is lightly sweetened with Organic Coconut Nectar, rather than refined cane sugar; contains no added preservatives, and is non-GMO. This granola makes a scrumptious breakfast, ‘any-time’ snack, or addition to desserts and home-baked treats.

Add Goji & Coconut-Vegan Granola to smoothie bowls, or serve with your favourite milk (dairy, nut, grain or coconut) for breakfast. Top with fresh fruit, compote or in the wintertime add warm stewed fruit.