Rehydrate and Revitalise! – All Skin Types

Aloe Vera, Jujube & Willow Herb

A light, natural non foaming cleansing gel rich in Vitamin C, removes impurities while soothing and hydrating the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalised. Extremely gentle on sensitive skin.

Australian Lemon Aspen, or affectionally known as the “Rainforest Lemon” native to the Queensland and northern New South Wales rainforest, contains a superior antioxidant capacity comparable to blueberries. It offers properties that address premature ageing, skin discolouration and redness for a brighter purified skin clean.

This gentle cleansing gel is also great for use during winter or in cold climates gently removing impurities while soothing and hydrating. Combined with Aloe Vera, Jujube Extract, Willow Herb, Soapwort and Calendula for rapidly calming dry, red and sensitive skin.