Premium Raw Almonds 400g

100% Australian | Insecticide Free | All Natural | High Protein

These Australian Raw Almonds are sustainably grown and processed without the use of any artificial inputs. They have a fresh, sweet, nutty flavour and aroma, with a crisp crunchy texture. Australian Almonds are a scrumptious natural snack and a wonderful ingredient in raw foods, baking, sweet and savoury recipes. These raw almonds can be activated, used to make dairy-free nut milk, or ground for almond meal and butter – wonderful for vegans and in raw food recipes.

Premium Raw Almonds are a delectable snack on their own or in a trail mix combined with dried fruit and seeds. Add chopped almonds to muesli, porridge, smoothies or acai bowls. Activate raw nuts by soaking in water for 12 hours, before slowly dehydrating at very low heat.